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Clear Choice Carpet Cleaning Services was founded by Edmund Bedient in June 2000. Ed has been a carpet cleaner since 1998.  Ed wants you to know that at Clear Choice, it more than just Carpet Cleaning. We will proudly help with your residential carpet cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning and more. So what makes us different? First and foremost, customer service.  Our focus is to build your trust so you will become a repeat customer. We keep our company small so we can help you as soon as the need arises. Clear Choice is owner operated, and we have long term trustworthy employees. All employees are on payroll, and work is not subcontracted out, so you can be comfortable when our technicians are in your home. Our Equipment We have two truck mounted hot water extraction units; one mounted to a trailer.  The Hydromaster Boxer 421 reaches a water temperature of 260 degrees and the great part is that the rate of water recovery is more than 90%–this means a much faster drying time for your carpets. In addition to large jobs, we have an arsenal of portable units for jobs where the truck mount is inaccessible.  The smaller units are perfect for spot cleaning and emergencies. Carpet Cleaning Methods There are many methods to carpet cleaning. Truck-mounted hot water extraction is the recommended method among carpeting manufacturers. Some other methods include grocery store rental machines, chemical dry cleaning, shampooing, which is a method from 30 years ago very similar to dry foam, and lastly Bissell or home wet vacs. Disadvantages of Using Other Methods
  • Over-wetting of the carpet: An over-wet carpet can get a mildew or a ”wet dog” smell, and can cause furniture to rust or actually stain your carpet.  In addition, your carpet can ripple or delaminate the backing. Added to that is the inconvenience of having to wait on a wet carpet for 2-3 days.
  • Long drying time: Cleaning with truck-mounted hot water extractions leaves carpets dry in a time frame between 2 and 24 hours depending on weather and how dirty the carpet was. Typically when we leave a house, carpets are damp to the touch and can be walked on immediately.
  • Human Error: Other method of carpet cleaning are far from user friendly.  The smallest of errors can cause a problem, the most common of which is leaving soap behind.  Failure to extract all of the soap from a carpet leaves a sticky residue behind that attracts dirt, making your newly “clean” carpet a magnet for grime.
Our Way of Doing It At Clear Choice, we pre-treat the entire carpet—not just stains.  Your carpet will be cleaned using our truck-mounted hot water extraction method and a post vacuuming process that will help your carpets dry faster. When we have completed cleaning your carpet, we will wipe down any wood or floors that may have become damp. We will also use tabs under your furniture to avoid the bottom of your furniture coming into contact with the wet carpet. At Clear Choice, it more than just Carpet Cleaning.

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