Cleaning Up That Halloween Mess

Halloween is over, and left in its wake is candy. Lots of candy. If your house is anything like ours, your kids are hoarding candy in spots you would never even think to look. Some of the candy inevitably gets on the carpets, and it’s usually the gooey, sticky kind. Here are some tips for removing the candy from your carpet. Start by trying to scrape as much of it up as possible. Something flat, like a butter knife, works best to eliminate as much of the sticky gunk from the floor. Then, use a clean damp cloth to gently brush outward from the mess to remove some more of the sticky particles. Some people at this point, might recommend using a little bit of dish soap, but we are leery of combining sticky soap with sticky candy. Unless you are able to really rinse it clean, it is not worth it. The sticky spot will remain, and attract a lot of dirt. Instead, get another clean towel, and blot it with some distilled white vinegar. Don’t saturate, just blot. This should effectively dissolve the rest of the candy. Use a damp paper towel to blot out the vinegar and remove the rest of the candy. Finally, take another clean damp cloth, and place it on top of the area. Put something heavy directly on top of the area, something flat, like a phone book. This should help to draw out any remaining pigment, and leave your carpet looking much bet Of course, if all else fails, or it’s a really big mess, call a carpet cleaning professional, who can use commercial products and heavy duty equipment to get the job done.

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